Codetry is on a mission

That mission is to unlock the full potential of modern computing for teachers and educators. We have the radical notion that teachers and educators are the specialists and that to improve education we need to give them the best tools possible and trust their experience and knowledge to use them wisely.


is a brand new education technology startup in Helsinki. It was founded early 2015 by a Finnish physicist and an Icelandic mathematician, united by their passion for education and learning; not to mention their dreadfully silly humor.

Guðni Ólafsson

graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Iceland. He has worked on and developed test automation for highly scaleable software systems for over a decade, bootstrapped a startup providing QA as a service and developed study material for mathematics for the Icelandic Education Foundation.

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Jyri Lautala

graduated from University of Helsinki sporting a M.Sc. in physics with a smattering of cognitive science and mathematics. He spent the past decade automating large scale computer systems while working as a software engineering and a project manager.

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Ferrix Hovi

has spent more than a decade developing software, learning everything about Agile Software development, Lean thinking and the latest buzzwords. He is a stand-up comic, a triathlete and passionate about making services, not just software.

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Michael Przybilski

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